Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on How to find Google Mobile Location history on Android and iPhone. Users can find their device by searching location online. You can also keep a track record of your mobile location.How to Check Google Mobile Location History on Android or iPhone

I received messages from most of our visitors about this. I thought that instead of answering them directly, writing an article would be the best idea. So, today’s article is about Google maps location services. Everyone uses a smartphone, obviously, and may have used Google maps once in their life. However, sometimes, the user might be interested in visiting the same location. For which he/she needs to check location history. Because sometimes they seem to have forgotten the name of the place. Therefore, In this article, I will tell you How to Check google mobile location history in your Android and iPhone. Without wasting any time let us move to our concerned topic.

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What is Google maps search history

With the Google maps facility, Google gives the best of it. We can locate our destination from anywhere. While doing this, we locate many locations. On the other side, Google keeps track of the places that we have visited. This is because of future preferences. Which means when we need to go to the same place, then google can assist us. Moreover, sometimes it is spontaneous that we seem to forget the exact location or name of the place. In this case, Google helps us to find the places that we had visited before. It is possible because Google mobile location history feature lets us do this. Because every time we let Google track our exact location, it saves the location’s dimensions, even if the location is not specified.

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How to Check google mobile location history on Android

So, let us proceed with the intended article. Now, I m going to explain to you How to check the google mobile location history or view Google maps location history. Before knowing more, Always remember that Google can only save the location, where you had enabled the location tracker(Switched ON the “locations”). Follow the following steps to see google mobile location history.

  1. In your tab or phone, open the google maps.
  2. After this open the Timeline tab(with three verticle lines).
  3. To see the travel of a particular day, tap on the calendar icon.
  4. Swipe to the left or right to move to the next or previous day.
  5. To view your visited places, tap on “your places.”
  6. Different tabs will show up such as saved, shared, upcoming etcetera.
  7. From these tabs, tap on “VISITED.”
  8. Done!! you will have a list of the places that you visited.

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Google location history iPhone

Are you an iPhone user? No problem. There is still something for you. viewing location history in iPhone is similar to that of Android. But still, some steps are different. Because both Android and iOS are different. Therefore, I am explaining steps to see your Google mobile location history on iPhone. Just like Android, make sure that on your iPhone, your location is “ON”. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Select the settings in your iPhone device.
  2. Now, go to privacy.
  3. Tap on location services and scroll down to till the end of the list.
  4. Now, go to system services.
  5. Again, scroll down to significant locations or frequent locations.
  6. Done!! you will find your location history along with name, timing, and date.

Now you know how to know google mobile location history. You can now, keep the record of the places of our like.

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Last words on Google Mobile Location History

To tautologize in brief, I would say that this feature would work best when your location and internet is ON. Then Google will be able to detect your accurate location and will help you assist in future. Always take care of that your location history is not paused. Otherwise, Google will not save your places. Another thing that you must keep in your mind is that the only destinations that you have visited, will be saved. Incompleted trips will not be saved as location history. Good luck and do not forget to give a suggestion. As long as, this feature is concerned, Saving the location could be detrimental or beneficial at the same time. It depends upon who is using it. Therefore, you must always make sure that at what places you want to be tracked. Any suggestions or questions would be appreciated. Good luck and thanks.

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