Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to open Rar files on Android. Users can open any RAR format file on their Android Phone using this method. I will also share a method to un-rar any file or folder. However, opening a Rar file on any Android device is not a tuff task. But, it’s not an easy task too. Many of the Android users get irritated when they can’t open rar files on Android. By using this quick step by step guide they will be now able to open RAR files on Android phone very easily.How to Open Rar Files on Android - 100% Working

What are Rar Files?

Rar is the most popular file format which is used to compress several files or folders into a bunch of one zipped file. This zipped file consists of very high compression technique so that the file inside it does not get corrupted or damage. Previously, most of the geeky peoples use zip file format to compress and pack many files into one. But, after the entry of rar file extension is has now become a revolution among various compression file formats and techniques. Every second person knows about rar files and is well introduced to the rar technology, nowadays. However, is the most used file format for compression of files. Thus, we have to learn about it that how we can open RAR files on Android. Because it is essential for us.

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How to Open Rar Files on Android – 100% Working

To open RAR files on Android, we have to use an Android app which is very simple to use and is decidedly less in size. This app makes the opening of rar files on Android smartphone very easy. So, an Android user can easily open rar files in his/her Android phone. However, to open a RAR file on Android, there is no inbuilt functionality which can do so. But, the app which I am going to tell you guys is genuine and positive rated by many users. This is the best Android app to open RAR files on Android smartphone.

  1. Get the RAR app from Google Play Store.How to Open Rar Files on Android - steps
  2. Simple open the app.
  3. Now, navigate to the rar file’s location whom you want to open.
  4. Lastly, click on Extract option to pull out the contents of the rar files on your Android phone.

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Last Words on How to Open Rar Files on Android – 100% Working

By using this method, you can now easily open rar files on Android phone. If you are looking for any inbuilt features which can do so then let me tell you that there is no inbuilt functionality which will allow you to open a RAR file on Android. However, in some newest phones, there is an inbuilt file explorer app which allows opening rar files on Android phone. But, most of the Android phone still now be able to give you the features to open any RAR file on the Android phone. I hope using this article you are now able to open RAR files on Android. Share this article with your friends also. So that they can also learn that how to open RAR files on Android smartphone.


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