I will share 10 methods on how to make games run faster on Android. You can speed up games on Android Phone by following these methods. All these ways are new and will increase your Android speed while gaming. You can enjoy any game on Android without lagging. It will also improve the performance of your Android device while gaming.How to Make Games Run Faster on Android - Top 10 Best Methods

How to Make Games Run Faster on Android – Top 10 Best Methods

You must have experienced the problem of games running slow on Android Phone. They also make other applications slow, and our Android Phone starts lagging. Several factors affect the Android Game lagging. I will share a method on how to make games run faster on Android using top 10 methods. All these methods will boost the speed of your Android Phone. And users can play games at much faster pace. It will also stop the problem of a heating Android phone and give stability to your Smartphone.

  1. Switch off the Animations on Android Phone to make Games Run Faster

Switching off or at least reducing the device animations can boost your smartphone a lot. You’d require enabling Developer Options to do so which you can do via Settings tab. Just go to Settings > About Phone and scroll down till the end to find an option termed Build Number under the System section. Tap on it continuously until you get a message for enabling the developer option. Next, go back to the previous menu to find a Developer Options tab there and tap on it to get Animation Scale. You can turn off or reduce your device animation from there now.

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  1. Android Battery should be 70%+

Majority of don’t care and keep on playing a game till our Android Phone is switched off. But that is the most crucial point of our Android Phone. Make sure when you start playing games on your Android Phone. Then, the battery level should be minimum 70%. However, it won’t affect till 30%. The moment you reach the battery level of 30%. Your Android Phone will start closing some application which consumes a lot of battery. It will make sure you consume fewer data and reduce the working quality of Android. So make sure you make it to a minimum of 70% as while playing battery drops like hell. So you have enough hours of playing Games on Android. Yes, you can keep charging your phone while playing. But that can be dangerous. To avoid these kinds of things and notice your Android battery level.

  1. Keep your Android version updated – Android Update Download

Always keep the operating system of your phone updated to the latest available version of the most recent releases consist of many bug fixes and improvements over the previous ones. They will enhance the performance of your smartphone a lot. To update your device, just go to Settings > About Device > Software Updates.

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  1. Turn off Auto-sync on Android Phone

Keeping the auto-sync turned on lets a massive amount of data and information getting stored on your phone from a variety of sources. The continuous synchronization of data also consumes memory and slows your device. Therefore, it’s better or turn-off the option of auto-sync if there’s not much requirement of it or if your device is lagging and hanging up a lot. You can turn off Auto-sync by just dragging down the toolbar of your smartphone from your home screen and tapping on the Auto-sync logo if it’s glowing (turned on).

  1. Installing a custom ROM

Installing and using a custom ROM is a sure-shot way to enhance the performance of your smartphone. Custom ROMs are the best way to get the new versions of Android for devices no longer getting those updates by default. A little market research will land you to the most useful and accurate custom ROM for you quickly. Do give this one a try for sure!

  1. Overclocking your smartphone

You may find a difference in the performance standards of two smartphones with same processors many-a-time as some OEMs limit the speed of the device to check heat and extend the battery life of the device. If you are rooting your Android device, you can overclock it by using simple apps like Android Overclock or SetCPU. It will undoubtedly increase your device speed.

  1. Clear your cache on Android

Cache memory and cache data take a massive chunk of your both primary and secondary memories. They get stored up over time and consume a lot of space and memory making your device slow. So don’t forget to clean the cache data regularly from your device. You can do so by using any suitable cleaning app such as CCleaner, Clean Master, etc.

  1. Factory reset your device

The last resort! If your device performance has still not improved even after trying different tricks and tips, merely perform a factory reset on your device. Performing a factory reset sets your device to its default condition and clear away all kinds of junks accumulated on your device over the usage time. But make sure to keep a back-up of your critical data before performing the reset as it is impossible to restore them once a factory reset is done.

To perform a factory reset on your device, just go to Settings > Backup and reset > Factory Reset.

  1. Use a third-party launcher

Your default OS interface comes loaded with many heavy-duty customizations and OEMs which may prove to be too bulky for your system. But you can always change this by installing and using a third-party launcher on your phone. Just keep in mind to ensure that the launcher you are opting is light and simple so as not to increase the burden on your system. Some of the light-weight launchers you can try are APUS launcher, NOVA launcher or APEX Launcher.

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  1. Keep your Home screen clear

Do not load your home screen with too many apps and avoid live wallpapers as they tend to consume a chunk of device memory affecting its performance. Set simple wallpaper for your home screen and keep only essential applications there.

Last Words on How to Make Games Run Faster on Android – Top 10 Best Methods

These are the best methods on how to make games run faster on Android. You can increase the game performance on your Android Phone. It will boost the speed of your Android Phone. You can play big games on your Android device without any lagging. There are also other methods to make games run faster on Android. You can share your favorite way in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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