Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to fix not registered network on Android Phone. You can fix all your network issue in Samsung, HTC, or any other Android Phone. I will share 3 methods to fix not registered network on Android Phone. Users can use this method directly on their Android Phone. You don’t need to download an app. I will share an inbuilt way to fix not registered network on Android Phone.How to Fix Not Registered on Network on Android Phone - Top 3 Ways

Even in the age of smartphones, the most important thing to be done on a smartphone is placing phone calls. Therefore having a stable and robust network is highly important in our lives. This is even more important for you if you are a professional worker. To get the best networks everytime we also spend more money for a better network, but sometimes the issue is just on our phones.

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Such issues can be irritating, and in such cases, everyone wants to get them fixed ASAP. One of the most common errors is that where your phone says not registered on the network. In such a case you won’t be able to either place phone calls or use your mobile data. Therefore today we are here with the full guide on how to fix not registered on the network on an Android phone.

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Fix Not Registered on Network – Causes of the problem

Such an issue where your phone says that not registered on the network can be due to many reasons. Therefore now we will be taking a look at every one of them as it can help us in solving the issue. First of all, this issue can be due to hardware failure where the antenna is just faulty. Apart from this, there can even be a problem on the software side of things. And finally, the issue can be due to just poor service of the network provider in your area.

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How to Fix Not Registered on Network on Android Phone – Top 3 Ways

Since this issue can be caused due to many possible reasons, we are going to take a look at all of the possible fixes. If you also wish to fix this error on your Android device then make sure to go through every one of them one by one.

Issues in Software

One of the most straightforward fixes to this issue is to turn on and off the airplane mode. This will re-register you on the network. Apart from this, you can also try switching between 2G, 3G and 4G network modes as some of them might not be available in your area. Finally, if none of these tricks work tries doing a factory reset which will solve any issues in your ROM.

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Hardware Level Problems

Many times it happens that the issue is with the hardware. For example, the antenna could be broken, or maybe the SIM card contact pins are dirty. Such things can only be fixed by a hardware expert. So make sure to take your phone to a mobile repair centre in such a case.

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Problems with the Network Provider

At last, we have the network provider and its quality. If none of the above fixes has worked for you, consider changing your network. Many times it happens that your Network Provider cannot provide a good network in your area. In such a case, buying a different provider’s SIM card makes a lot of sense.

Last words on How to Fix Not Registered on Network on Android Devices

We have shown you everything regarding how to fix not registered on network issue. We hope that you were able to fix this issue on your Android device pretty quickly by following this tutorial. Also, let us know what caused this issue in your phone down in the comments section. If our tutorial has helped you in fixing this network error then consider sharing it with your friends. You can even share this post on social media using the share options provided down below. Doing so will help all those who are looking for how to fix not registered on the network on any Android device.


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