Hello friends, Today I share the best trick on how to speed up 2G internet in Android Phone. You can boost your internet speed in 2G internet. This method can also make your internet to 3G. You can make data connection faster to your Android Phone. So speed up your 2G Android Phone with 3G speed. This method is easy and straightforward to do on your Android Phone.How to Speed UP 2G Internet in Android Phone [2G to 3G] 2018 - 100% Working

How to get Faster Data Speeds on Android

Can’t afford a 3G or 4G phone but need faster internet? These days, it’s not enough to have just an internet connection on your phone; it has to be high speed too. As the size of the pages on the internet keeps getting larger and larger. There is a need to have a faster net connection to open your favorite sites in seconds (not minutes, probably not hours). In this era of 4G, you cannot survive having a 2G phone, even if it’s a smartphone.

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But what if you could speed up your 2G internet to 3G speeds? You won’t need to buy a new phone or faster and more expensive net connection then. But, is it possible? Certainly Yes! Just keep reading until the end to learn how to speed up 2G internet in your smartphone.

How to Speed UP 2G Internet in Android Phone [2G to 3G] 2018 – 100% Working

You can quickly speed up 2G internet on Android Phone. But the tricks I am going to mention below would work only on Smartphones having at least 3G supports. So make sure your phone supports 3G. It’s theoretically not possible to convert 2G speed into a 3G one, but the tricks mentioned below will just do the job.

How can I Upgrade my 2G Phone to 3G – Convert your mobile 2G Data into 3G

Make sure you have rooted your Android device at least once before starting up. This trick will only work on rooted Android Phone.

    1. At first, download the 3 files mentioned below into your device.
    2. 3G/4G Speed Optimizer
    3. Script Manager – SManager
    4. Turbo Charger Script for 2G/3G
    5. Install and run the Speed Optimizer.
    6. Set the maximum network speed as 12/28/7.

      Convert your mobile 2G Data into 3G

  1. Select “speed increase.”
  2. Click on Apply and then reboot your device once.
  3. Next, run the Script Manager app.
  4. Look up and find the Turbo Charger.txt file in it.
  5. Run the TurboScript.txt file then after allowing Super User to permit root by clicking on Superuser icon and then granting root permission.
  6. Scroll up then and set the speed to fastest.
  7. Reboot your Android device again and modify the network setting to WCDMA
  8. Reboot your device one last time and then Voila! Enjoy 3G speed with a 2G connection.

Make setting changes to get 3G speed in 2G

This trick will allow you to get 3G browsing speeds only; your download will still happen at 2G speeds only. It is more like a setting change on the pretext of a trick. Your service provider can provide with 3G data speed on WCDMA it has HSDPA rights in your circle.

  1. Open Android Settings.
  2. Tap on More under Wireless and Networks.
  3. Select Mobile Networks/Cellular Networks.
  4. If you have dual SIM cards, select the one you use to run the Internet.
  5. Next, find and click on the option Network Mode or Preferred Network Type.
  6. There you will find three options regarding your Network connection type: WCDMA only and WCDMA/GSM mode or 2G, 2G/3G or 3G. For 4G devices, there’ll also be a 4th option titled 4G or LTE/VOLTE.
  7. Now select the WCDMA Only or 3G
  8. Reboot your device.

So now you know how can tweak your phone and have 3G speeds at the price of 2G only. All of these are tried and tested tricks and will surely boost your internet speed once done correctly.

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Last Words on How to Speed UP 2G Internet in Android Phone 2018

It is the best method on How to Speed UP 2G Internet in Android Phone. Users can easily upgrade their 2G internet speed on Android Phone. There are several others method to speed up 2G intent in Android Phone. But, we found this way to be simple and straightforward. You can also share your method to speed up 2G internet in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and help them to speed up their 2G internet.


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