Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to calibrate Android battery without root. You can do the process of battery calibration on your Android by following a simple and most straightforward way. You can increase the working of your battery by doing this method. It will automatically calibrate your Android battery. I will suggest you try this method once and calibrate your Android battery.How to Calibrate Android Battery Without Root - Best Method

Battery problem in Android smartphone is the primary issue which almost everyone faces. Where the battery draining problem is one of them. But, if you are continuously checking that your Android phone’s battery is regularly draining, then it’s the time to calibrate Android battery.

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The method to calibrate Android battery can be helpful for you if you want to stop decreasing the performance and duration of your Android smartphone’s battery. Because the Android phone’s battery draining problem is the most prominent concerns for the Android user, I have shared a best and easiest way to calibrate Android battery without root. I would like to say to you that go through this article for more information on calibrating your Android phone’s battery.

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What is Android Battery Calibration

In the Android operating system, there is a feature which is called Battery stats. The battery stats feature help the Android phone to keep tracking the battery capacity. But, the battery stats feature sometimes get corrupted so that it shows the battery data that is not correct and not real. Calibrate Android battery means to help the Android OS in correcting the information so that the performance of your Android phone’s battery will get its level once again. But, the issue is that no one can calibrate Android battery itself. Because it’s a battery cell which stores power and gets discharge after the certain time. Well, the lithium-ion battery has the feature of printed circuit board that does not discharge it deeply and also protect it from exploding.

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How to Calibrate Android Battery Without Root

When we talk about calibrating Android battery, then battery drainage problem comes in our mind. Well, the calibrate Android battery feature is made to correct the lithium-ion battery drainage and performance issue. Most of the Android users face the issue that their battery drains rapidly. Also, calibrate Android battery feature help the Android users if the battery is misbehaving. But, when you’re done in doing the calibrate Android battery procedure fully. Then you will see a fair and better battery life than previous one. So, let us start the tutorial and check out the calibrate Android battery guide.

  1. Wait till your Android phone’s battery reaches 0% and let your phone to switch off.
  2. Now, fully charge your Android phone at 100% while the phone is switched off.
  3. When it reaches 100%, then charge it more for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Now, disconnect your Android phone from the charger and switch it on.
  5. Now, again connect your charger to the Android phone and charge it for another 30 minutes.
  6. Then, again disconnect your Android phone from the charger and switch it off.
  7. Again connect the charger to your phone and charge it for more 30 minutes.
  8. Now, disconnect the phone and switch it on.
  9. Then, charge it again for 30 minutes.
  10. Lastly, you will see the difference in your battery’s life.

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Last Words on How to Calibrate Android Battery Without Root

This way you can calibrate Android battery. Well, it depends upon your useability that how you are using your Android phone. If you will use GPS, WiFi, high brightness, data, etc., then it is evident that your battery will drain very fastly. But, if your Android smartphone’s display screen is AMOLED display so it will eat more battery than others Android phones. So, make sure that you do not use these things together to give your Android phone good battery life. Share this article with your friends also so that they can also take help of calibrating Android battery feature to get nice battery life.


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