I have shared the best way on how to fix water damaged phone without rice. You can fix your Phone damaged screen or complete phone without rice. This method is working and you can fic wet phone without a pouch of rice. Smartphone users can fix any kind of water damaged phone using this method.How to Fix Water Damaged Phone Without Rice

Have you dropped your mobile phone in water and looking for the solution? If yes, then I am here to solve this issue. How to Fix Water Damaged Phone Without Rice is a commonly asked question in the daily life. However, only some of us know that it is possible. So, let’s check it out in this article. I have discussed each and everything which you must know. Go through the article for more information.

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Precautions if Your Phone is dropped in Water

Here I am listing the precautions which you must take care if your mobile phone has dropped in water. These are the things which you should not do after dropping your mobile phone in water. Make sure that you remember all these things which I am telling you. Doing these things will make your phone into more danger zone. So, you better be careful in not doing these things which are below listed.

  • Keep your Android Phone off.
  • Don’t plug in it with charger.
  • Don’t press any button such as volume or power button.
  • Avoid any kind of artificial heat to it.
  • Do not blow air into the phone.
  • Do not provide artificial heat to it.

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How to Fix Water Damaged Phone Without Rice

If someone accidentally drops his/her mobile phone in water then most of us say that put it in rice. Putting a water damaged phone is the most known solution to save a water damaged phone. But, there are many ways to fix water damaged phone without rice. However, not everyone has this fortunate solution to save mobile phone life without using any piece of rice. Moreover, this guide will need some patience and some extra efforts from you. But, yes there are much success chances to save your phone’s life. Using this you can fix a water damaged phone without using rice. Let us stop this introduction here and get started with our tutorial which is “How to Fix Water Damaged Phone Without Rice“.

  1. Make sure you carefully take your phone out from the water.
  2. Now, remove the power sources such as the battery, sim, MicroSD card, etc.
  3. If your phone’s parts are removable and you are able to remove them then immediately remove each and every part.
  4. Take a piece of cotton and try to scrub it on the water affected region.
  5. After that, put your mobile phone in the sunlight.
  6. Let your mobile phone take sun bath at least 4-5 hrs.
  7. Now, check each and every part and make sure that inspect every part has been fully dry.
  8. Then, assemble every part back as its factory face.
  9. Also, put your power source and accessories too.
  10. Now, enjoy your repaired and clean mobile phone.

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Last Words on How to Fix Water Damaged Phone Without Rice

So, in this manner, you can make your mobile phone’s life safe. Make sure you check the precautions list before following this guide. I would also like to tell you that while performing these steps you should be careful otherwise anything wrong can happen with your mobile phone. Moreover, it is not possible that this guide will save your phone’s life every time and in every situation. So, make sure you also do your own responsibility regarding your mobile phone. Also, if your friends ask you that how to fix water damaged phone without rice then tell them about this article by sharing it.


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