Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to test Android Battery health without any app. You can use these code to check battery health on your Android Phone. Users do not need to install any apps to monitor Android Battery level. It is best and most accurate method to check battery health on your Android device. Users can check the exact battery % by using this code method.

Do you want to test Android battery health without using any third party app? If you are saying yes, then this article is made for you. In this article, I am going to show you the best and easiest way to test Android battery health without installing any extra Android app on your phone. However, I have seen most the websites are forcing to install a third party app such as Clean Master, Native Battery Analyzer, GSam Monitor, etc. However, in this article, we are going to test Android battery health without such types of Android app. Keep going through the article for more information; it is exciting.

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Test Android Battery Health using an inbuilt Feature

In an Android phone, there is an inbuilt feature that will let us test Android battery health. This feature comes as an inbuilt testing tool in every single Android phone. However, only some of the peoples know about it. However, to tell everyone about this fantastic feature, I have made this article. Also, using this inbuilt feature, we can check our Android phone’s battery condition at any place. No matter what the situation is, just to use this inbuilt feature on your Android phone while relaxing on a chair. Let us check this remarkable feature to test Android battery health without any additional app.

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How to Test Android Battery Health Without any App

To test an Android phone’s battery, this is the best and easy way which you would ever get. This guide does not require any extra tools like OTG cable, USB cable, etc. Also, you are not going to download and install an app to do so. Follow these easy methods which I have discussed below. Let me also tell you that this method is simple and straightforward, so you do not have to use much brain. Sit on a chair and while relaxing and follow this quick guide.

  1. Open the Dialer App on your Android phone.
  2. Now, type a number which is *#*#4636#*#*
  3. Then, a Testing page will be opened on your android phone.How to Test Android Battery Health Without any App 1
  4. Select the Battery info option from that page.
  5. Now, the Battery info page will be opened.
  6. On the 5th line, you will see your Battery health condition. In my Android phone, my battery health is good as you can see in the image.

That’s it. In this way, you can test Android battery health. If your Android phone’s Battery health is right, then you do not have to take the worry of anything. Use your Android phone as usual.

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Last Words on How to Test Android Battery Health Without any App

So, this was the easiest and simplest way ever to test Android battery health. If you have tested your Android phone’s battery health and found the heath is Poor, then I would suggest you change your battery from the service centre or either purchase a new battery from a shop. Also, there are lots of apps available to test Android battery health. You can take help of that apps also if you want too. Share this fantastic article with your friends and tell them about this cool inbuilt feature to test Android battery health.


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