Try this method on how to get Google Play store Refund. Users can get a refund for any Android app. You can get a refund for Applications or games. I have shared step by step guide to get Goole Play refund. You can even get a refund in 48 hours by using this simple guide. These are amazing Google Play Refund tricks.How to Get Google Play Store Refund for Apps & Games - Complete Refund

Sometimes it happens with us that we need to purchase an app from Google Play Store. But, later on, we find that the app is not a value for money product and game as well. Though, the purchasing becomes an unhappy experience for us. The app or game for which we have paid money doesn’t claim to be the same which we were thinking. So, at that moment we want to get a refund for the payment which we have done for a useless app or game. In this article, I have covered some topic which will help you in learning that how you can get Google Play Store refund. Keep reading the article until the end because it is going to help you if you want a refund right now.

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Google Play Refund in-app Purchase

There are most of the Android apps available on Google Play Store which are having an in-app purchase system. You may be noticed that some great apps you install from Google Play Store on your Android phone for free. But, when you use some advanced feature of it, then the app asks you to pay some amount of fee for it. These kinds of apps are called in-app purchase system Android apps. Now, lets come to the point. Suppose, you have used an Android app which uses in-app purchasing system then how you can get a refund from it? Well, for that you have to do one thing that contacts the developer of the app. Frankly, there is no other option available to get a refund from those apps. Moreover, Google says that it can’t help you with that.

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How to Get a Refund from Google Play

In this section of the article, I am going to explain to you that how you have to request for the Google Play Store refund. There are some points which you should remember before asking for Google Play Store refund. According to Google, you can get a quick refund within 2 hours of purchasing the app. Later it, you have a second chance of getting Google Play Store refund before 48 hours. But, somehow you have lost the time of Google Play Store refund (2 hours and 48 hours) then you can contact the developer of the app directly. After 48 hours, Google says that they can’t help you in getting the refund of the app from Google Play Store service. Below I have shared a method to get Google Play Store refund.

Within 2 hours:

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Click on the Menu option.
  3. Now, click on My Account.
  4. Then, chose the app or game whose refund you want.
  5. Finally, click on the Refund button. Later, follow on-screen instructions to get your money back.

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Within 48 hours:

  1. On a web browser go to the link.
  2. Login to your Google Account. Make sure its an account from which you did the payment.
  3. Now, scroll down and click on Order History.
  4. Then, from the right corner click on More.
  5. Now, select Request a refund or Report a problem and choose the desired option.
  6. Fill the on-screen given form to get your money back.

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This was the entire article on getting Google Play Store refund of an app or game. There is no other option to get your money back from an undesired purchase which you have done for worthless app or game. I hope using this article you have successfully obtained your refund. Let me tell you one more thing that refunding is fully based on the developer of the app or game whether the return should be given to you or not. So, make your finger cross when you request for a refund. Share this article with your friends and relatives so that they can also get to know how they can get Google Play Store refund.

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