Hello friends, Today I will share a method on how to lock WhatsApp. Users can lock their WhatsApp with Password, fingerprint, PIN or any pattern lock. I have shared 5 free ways to lock your WhatsApp on Android Phone. You can lock the complete WhatsApp. Users can’t access your WhatsApp without opening the secured lock.How to Lock WhatsApp With Password or Fingerprint - Top 5 Apps

WhatsApp is the most famous messaging service which is used by many of the users worldwide. We love to chat on WhatsApp with our loving one. WhatsApp is faster, reliable and smooth, which makes us use it whenever we try to send something to someone. Not even that, but we can also send documents such as videos, photos, location, and GIFs among others. But, sometimes it occurs that we have to give our phone to someone to let them use it. Where we don’t want to let them see our chats or even open WhatsApp. So, how to lock WhatsApp? Don’t worry this is all about the same.

How to Lock WhatsApp With Password or Fingerprint

We all want to know that how to lock WhatsApp. But, the sad thing is that the WhatsApp is not having app locking feature inbuilt in it. So, you guys might be thinking that how to lock WhatsApp? Well, there are some third-party apps available on the internet by which you can quickly lock the WhatsApp Messenger app on your Android phone. Don’t worry; these third-party apps are available on Google Play Store, so you can trust them. I have given you the name of the top 5 apps to do so and also I have explained about every app individually. Check them out one by one and use them for free.

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Method 01 – AppLock

AppLock is a very famous app locking android app which is used by many of the Android users. The AppLock app is rated as one of the best apps for locking app on the Android phone. Once a user downloads the AppLock app on his or her Android phone, then he or she can easily lock apps with fingerprint practically. Not only that, but it can also lock your desired photos and videos on your Android device. Some fantastic features of the apps are invisible pattern lock, its free, virtual keyboard; it is an interactive app, update itself automatically, and more. The most fabulous part of this app is that you can change the icon of the app so that the app can be accessed by you only.

Method 02 – FingerSecurity

FingerSecurity is one of the features and rich looking Android app. You can download the FingerSecurity app on your Android phone directly from Google Play Store for free of cost. You can use your fingerprint to lock WhatsApp and other apps on your phone. It has a feature to unlock multiple apps on a single click. So, if you are a guy who use to lock many apps, then this is the best option for you. It has some amazing features like enabling and disable widget services, customizable settings, protection for newly installed apps, and more.

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Method 03 – Norton App Lock

We all know that Norton is very famous for the Antiviruses. When we think about antivirus, the first thing which came in our mind is Norton Antivirus. Noton is an ancient player in the field of antiviruses software or applications. Norton now has its free lock apps with fingerprint Android. Not only that, but you can also use PIN or password or pattern to your Android or apps. This app is free to download on Android device. You can get it directly from the Google Play Store.

Method 04 – Perfect AppLock

From the basket of the lock apps with the fingerprint for Android, the Perfect AppLock is another one. It can not even lock your Android apps or the device but can also lock the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more items. It shows some tricky and error messages to the person who wants to mess with the app to unlock a locked app. So that the thief thinks that the phone is damaged and left it as it was. This lock app with fingerprint Android is available for free to download and use. However, there are free and paid both versions available for it to be used.

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Method 05 – AppLocker: Fingerprint & PIN

AppLocker app is an app to lock apps on your Android phone using Fingerprint or PIN. This app is similar to the AppLock app, has a good looking interface as compared to the AppLock app. Not even that, most of its features are similar to the AppLock app. But, this app has an amazing feature. Whenever someone tries to mess with it, then it shows the crash screen, which makes the impostors think that the phone is not well. Don’t you think that it is an amazing thing? Also, this is a free app to download and use practically.


We have seen that how to lock WhatsApp using Fingerprint. However, if somehow you don’t want to use fingerprint then you can use PIN, pattern or any locking feature which you would like to use. There are more apps available on Google Play Store other than those app which is listed here. But, the apps which I have told you are the best one if you want to lock WhatsApp with the fingerprint. I hope this article has helped you in doing that. Share this article with your friends and relatives such that they can also learn how to lock WhatsApp with a fingerprint.


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