Android is one of the most used OS in the Smartphone. Today we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of Android One and Android Go. We will talk in brief about both Android One and Android Go and find the best. Users can check the complete list of Advantages & Disadvantages.Advantages and Disadvantages of Android One and Android Go

What is Android one

You all might be thinking that what is Android one. Before getting into the advantages and disadvantages of Android one. Let us know what is it. Well, Sundar Pichai launched Android one. This series of Smartphones contain the latest security protocols and features of Google. Just like stock Android. It also comes with no built-in apps, Duplicate applications. Which benefits the users to use more phone space. With the popularity of Android one phones in India and it’s interface, Most of the Android users have priority for this. Basically, Google provided the rights other hardware manufacturers to use this OS in their phones like Micromax, Spice etcetera. Let us clear a thing that Android one is not a version of Android. But in some way it is. You can consider it as an interface. Here are some devices that use Android one.

  1. Motorola one power
  2. Xiomi MI A2
  3. Infinix Note 5
  4. Nokia 3.1

So, now we know What is Android one and some details of it. Now, wasting no time, discuss some Android one pros and cons or Android one Advantages and disadvantages.

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Android one advantages and disadvantages

Just like anything, Android one has its own benefits and some disadvantages. Here are some advantages that Google claimed to have in it. Alongside, some Disadvantages of Android One that many users experienced.

Android One advantages

  1. Android one prioritizes the background applications in order to utilize the battery. New and efficient algorithms perform best RAM management. Which gives a long-lasting battery experience. Near about 2 days. Still, it depends upon the battery MAH and your usage. But, Google has tried their best to give perfect RAM usage.
  2. Just like Siri in apple, Jarvis in ironman, Google also constituted their AI. Known as “Google assistant.” Android one google assistant assists you in almost every work. Just tell it to do anything, and it will be done. You can even play music, set reminders and get directions.
  3. Google photos, personally my favorite feature. Google photos let you upload your clicked photos and save them online. Not only this, but the app also creates a Collage and small videos of your photos.
  4. Android one also has a proper understanding of Indian accent. Therefore, when you use google translator, the app will recognize the exact word.
  5. Also, Sundar Pichai has announced that Android on devices will be among the devices to get the google updates for a certain limit of time. Which is a very good thing, because having a phone with the latest features and within the budget, is quite tough these days.

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Disadvantages of Android One

Just like a coin has two sides, There are some disadvantages of Android one. After interacting with Android one, most of the users have reported them Here are some disadvantages of Android one that ever Android user must know.

  1. Many users have experienced that Android one manufactures led to some hardware issues. Phones seem to be running slow especially on Snapdragon processors. Which is not up to mark.
  2. Quality is not good. However, it is a budget phone any many Indian companies manufacture it. But. It does not look premium, Which is one of some significant disadvantages of Android one.
  3. As compared to other devices of Xiomi, Asus, Android do not provide the same features at the same price. Therefore, people tend to get something more at the same price.
  4. Even though, Google had promised the latest updates. But, still many users of Android one claimed not to have updates on time. That is why they switched to the other brands.

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What is Android Go

Android one also popular as Android Oreo. The main focus of this version is to provide the best experience on lesser hardware. Today, users give priority to Android go phones. Because of the feature, it provides. Android, maybe the latest version of Android. But it has been designed to work the devices with 512 RAM. The best thing about this that it occupies the half of the space as compared to Android nougat. For the entry-level phones, it is the best online experience. However, it also some benefits and some drawbacks as well. Let us discuss them below.

Advantages and disadvantages of Android Go

Just like Android one, providing the best user experience, Android Go also has some advantages and disadvantages. Following are some major of both of them.

Advantages of Android Go

  1. As we have already mentioned, Android Go edition is lightweight. Which occupies less storage and gives more space to a user to utilize it.
  2. Android one has improved the operating system. Which gives 30% better performance. Start-up takes less time. Applications load without any problem and continue as well. Again, thanks for being light.
  3. The plethora of Google Go apps makes it easier to get anything done on fingertips. The go edition gives a best online experience to the user. Once stuck to it, never wills to leave it.
  4. You will also get more storage on our device. The Android go edition only occupies 30% of the total storage. While other used to occupy more than half of the space, Which was a sort of curse for the user having a total of 16 GB.

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Disadvantages of Android Go

Just like Disadvantages of Android One, Android Go also has some demerits. Here are some cons of the Android Go, that you must know.

  1. Google has not announced the names of the developers. Which means we do not know that what brand’s phones will be using Android Go edition. However, every day many manufacturers launch their phones with Android one. But still, how many there will be, it is not certain.
  2. Not many features are there. Being addicted to enormous features, in Android Go, we do not get to see enough of them. Because it is base on stock android. Therefore, we cannot expect more from it. But, it is a kind of disadvantage of Android Go edition.
  3. Many users, also me, have experienced that this version is full of bugs. With the latest update in October, the Android Go phones have started draining more battery. Especially at night. There is an average drop of 30% battery life. Which needs to be checked and fixed as soon as possible.
  4. Apart from bugs, there is also a problem with data saver. The data saver does not work on many sites. Most of them are of our daily usage, Which is a big problem for the people who have a limited data plan.

Author’s take

So, these were some advantages and disadvantages of Android one and Android Go. Let me clear you one thing, few of the problems related to both of versions. I also have faced. Therefore, I recommend you to be aware of them while buying any new phone. Because you money worth a value and you deserve the best. Another thing is that, since Google has been providing many updates therefore many of the bugs have been fixed. While many others are yet to be fixed. It is not that every phone is having the same problem. But I just wanted to share the experience, so that in future you won’t have to face the same. Thank you, and do not forget to give your valuable suggestions. Always feel free to ask anything. Good luck, we will be back with new concepts and information of latest stuffs.


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