Hello friends, Today we will compare and find best from Android vs iPhone. We will compare them on every aspect like Security, Battery, Updates, Files Sharing and on almost every aspect. At the end of the comparison, we will share the best Operating System for Smartphone.Android vs iPhone

Are you going to purchase a brand new mobile phone? But wait. Don’t know which one to buy, Android or iPhone? It is very obvious that you have confusion regarding both the mobiles. Android is also a very famous operating system in the world which is been used by many manufacturing companies such as HTC, Samsung, Nokia, and even Google also.

On the other hand, the iPhone is also a very famous name in the world of technology. We all listen to many peoples saying iPhone is having this iPhone is having that. Then, which one should I choose? Today, I am going to present the complete comparison of Android vs iPhone in front of you guys.

Android vs iPhone Smartphone Complete Comparison

I will be showing you the complete comparison on Android vs iPhone. The war of Android vs iPhone is going to be very interesting. It will be very thrilled to watch out the comparison of Android vs iPhone. I have compared Android and iPhone on some significant points which are very important in terms of the comparison between them. Some key points are security, apps availability, device options, software update, after sale service, optimization, and much more. Let’s find out the complete comparison of Android vs iPhone right here.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Optimization

Optimization of the iPhone is perfect if we compare it to the Android. Because Apple makes its hardware and software both though it knows very well that how it has to adjust the mixture of hardware and software. There are a variety of manufacturers available who use to implement the Android operating system and sell it to in the market. So, it goes very tough for Google to create a completely perfect OS which can support every manufacturer.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Security

Talking about the security, it is well known that Android operating system is very much popular than the iOS. There are many bugs available which can easily harm an Android phone to break its security. Also, because many manufacturers enhance it using their own user interface though it can increase the chance to have more vulnerability. On the other hand, the iPhone is created by Apple itself. Where the optimization is done at the perfect level. This decrease the security breaking chances at a shallow level.

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  1. Android vs iPhone – Software Updates

The Android operating system is used by various of the manufacturer in the world. This makes a very tuff job for Google to provide software updates in every Android phone. Where Apple is used to implement its own software or operating system in a countable device. This increase the chance of giving software updates. That is why the software updates are provided very fastly in iPhone.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Battery Life

Today, several of the manufacturing companies are using the Android operating system to make a brand new mobile phone. But, the Android OS cannot manage itself according to different types of chipsets. Where Apple creates its own software and hardware that is why it knows very well about how much optimization does the iPhone need to perform better. So, yes definitely the iPhone is much better than Android because it manages itself very perfectly.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Customization

The customization option is very well given in Android. An iPhone user can not customize his or her iPhone. But, an Android phone can do so. An Android user can change theme, fonts, icons, icons folder, folder color, and much more. Where the iPhone user cannot find these things in his or her iPhone.  The iPhone does not provide as much customization as Android is giving.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Device Options

The device options of Android is very much as compared to the iPhone. The Android-based mobile phone is launched by many of the manufacturers per month. Where the iPhone is only created by Apple and Apple creates only one to two iPhones per year. Also, the price range for Android is very much wider than the iPhone. Because the iPhone is only available at high prices.

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  1. Android vs iPhone -After Sales Service

The after sales service of Apple is the number one service in the world. Not only iPhone, if you will take your Macbook, Apple TV or any other Apple product then the service center will repair it or replace it. Where the Android is implemented by manufacturers of the phone. Thus, it totally depends upon the company about which phone they want to repair or replace or even not.

  1. Android vs iPhone – File Sharing

File Sharing is fully given in Android. An Android user can select any app or any connectivity to share a file to another Android phone or device. But, in iPhone, the iPhone user can only share his or her file to those devices which carry the iOS. The apps or any connectivity cannot help the iPhone to transfer any file to other devices which do not have iOS.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Apps Quality & Availability

The developers basically focus on the iPhone first and then Android. That is why the updates of the apps seem to comes first in the iPhone, not in Android. The iPhone got the dark mode in YouTube app very firstly. After that, the Android users were able to see the dark mode option. Facebook app, Instagram app, and many more app’s developers provide the updates in iPhone first and then in Android.

  1. Android vs iPhone – Accessories

Accessories manufacturing companies basically think technically. They create back cover, glass, and more thing for iPhone because the iPhone series is limited in the market. Where the Android OS is implemented in various mobile phone manufacturing companies. So, the accessories manufacturing companies have to grab a wide range of phone manufacturing companies which they can’t.


Definitely, the ecosystem of iOS is wider than Android. The iOS-based device such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and others can easily connect to each other. But, there are only a few devices available which has Android OS in it. However, Android TV is now started to become popular and is available in limited housed only. But, this does not beat the ecosystem of iOS which iPhone has.

Android vs iPhone Smartphone Complete Comparison

Basically, both Android and iPhone is best at their own place. But there is some key point which I would like to tell you so that you can have better knowledge on that. If you want customization, don’t care about after sales service, having a low budget price, love Android OS, and maybe more. Then, of course, you can definitely purchase an Android phone. But, if you can spend money, care about after sales service, want to use the ecosystem of iOS, and more then you are free to purchase a brand new iPhone for yourself.


We have seen the complete comparison on Android vs iPhone. These points are very interesting and important in order to figure out the differences between Android and iPhone. If you want to find out the Android P vs Android Oreo complete comparison then you can read this posted article to clear more confusion regarding Android. But, if you were on the iPhone and bought a new Android phone then don’t worry you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android very simply. Moreover, if you have read out this point from the above section, then I hope now you have chosen a perfect one for you. If you know some other guy who needs to have some knowledge on the same then do share our article with that person as well.


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