Hello friends, Today I will share top 10 best Android codes for Samsung. You can check your IMEI number, Message center, current firmware and much more. These are working and test on Samsung device. You can even check the SAR level of your Samsung Phone. All these codes are currently working and tested on almost every Samsung model. I have shared the complete description of codes.Top 10 Best Android Codes for Samsung - 100% Working

You think you know everything about your device? You think you know your phone as the back of your hand? Think again! You may know all about its features, its functions, its settings or some other stuff too. So what? You think you have found out all about a castle once you enter it. However, you never know about its secret doorways. However, we are talking about a phone, and how can a phone have secret doorways? Well, they have, in the form of codes.

Android Codes for Samsung

Android developers or coders many a time embed some secret backchannels in the mobile phone which can grant you the means to communicate with the service provider’s computer allowing your phone to perform some specific tasks which cannot normally be performed otherwise. In this article, I am going to tell you about 10 such secret codes which you can use on your Samsung smartphones (in some cases, any smartphones). These codes do not provide any practical tasks and are suitable for some time pass or fun only.

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Top 10 Android Codes for Samsung – 100% Working

There are also other Android codes for Samsung. We have shared the most frequently used and required Android codes for Samsung. You can use these codes to know several kinds of information about your Samsung Phone. You can enter these codes on your Samsung phone and check various functions.

  1. View Dump Menu: *#9900#

    Dump menus are one that displays some hidden advanced features and variable that are not accessible by normal users of Android.

  2. General Test Mode: *#0*#

    This code works only on Android devices, and this will work fine on your Samsung device. This code induces a library of some of the phone operations which could be operated with a single push like Camera, sleep, vibration, etc.

  3. Display your IMEI: *#06#

    This one is a usable code now. An IMEI no. is a unique ID of your mobile phone which is different for all of the mobile phones. All kinds of phones have an IMEI number regardless of the type or make of it. You can use your IMEI number to trace and find your device once it gets stolen.

  4. Check Your Call Forwarding: *#67#

    This code will let you know which number your phone forwards your calls to when you are busy or reject a call. By default, your unattended calls go to your voicemail. However, you can change it to be forwarded to any specific phone number you possess at the time. You can change the number to any other one from the Settings.

  5. Get Even More Info on Call Forwarding: *#61#

    This code will give you info about the waiting time after which your call will get forwarded to the number you have set to forward your calls to.

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  6. Hide Your Phone From Caller ID: #31#

    Entering and calling on this code will hide your phone from the caller id. To reinstate the phone on caller id, simply dial *31# and press the call button.

  7. Check your current Firmware *#1234#

    This code shows you the information on your current firmware. This code is known to work specifically on the Galaxy range of Samsung smartphones.

  8. Activate Call Waiting: *43#

    You can activate call waiting for function directly from your keypad by pressing *43# or deactivate it by pressing #43#.

  9. Check SAR level of Samsung Phone *#07#

    SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate. It says the amount of radio frequency absorbed by human body. While you enter this code. It shows you both safe and your current SAR level.

  10. SMS Message Center: Samsung Galaxy *5005*7672#

    This code will tell you about your SMS message center number.
    So these are some of the secret codes you can use on your Samsung device for getting some useful info about your phone or just have some fun. Try these and have some fun with your mobile fun. After all, what’s more fun than finding some secret gateways?

Last Words on Top 10 Best Android Codes for Samsung – 100% Working

You can use these Android codes for Samsung on your Samsung Phone. Users will get all the important hidden information about your Phone. You can also share any of your best Android codes for Samsung in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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