Hello friends Today I will tell you a trick on how to fix a water damaged touch screen phone. Users can get rid of water from LCD, LED or OLED screen of your Smartphone. You don’t need to use any external hardware. You can fix all the blur screen of your Phone. Just a simple and 100% Working method to fix your Smartphone Touchscreen. Don’t Panic if you have dropped the phone in water and screen stop working. How to Fix a Water Damaged Touch Screen Phone - 100% Working

How to Fix a Water Damaged Touch Screen Phone – 100% Working

There are several ways on how to fix a water damaged touch screen phone. You can fix touch screen on your Android Phone without any external hardware. You can fix your LCD touch screen without any additional repair. Follow all the steps listed below and fix a water damaged touch screen phone.

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Don’t do these things when you drop Phone in Water

  • Do not try to turn on the phone
  • Do not try to press any key or buttons
  • Please do not try to heat up the phone in any way including blow dryer or microwaving it or anything.
  • Do not tap on it, shake it or bang it anywhere
  • Do not try to dry off the water by blowing as blowing may force water into internal parts of the phone causing more severe damage to it.

How to Remove Water from Phone Screen

We accidentally drop our smartphone in water many-a-times and if quick actions are not taken. Then, there is assured water damage to the phone. First of all, make your phone out of the water as quickly as possible to prevent much water penetrating inside of it through the holes and cracks. Once it’s out of the water, there are certain things you have to do and undoubtedly more important things you have to avoid doing to ensure the damage prevention. Make sure you read the complete guide and follow every step listed below. We will use rice to soak water from our Smartphone. This method is safe and secure to follow. 

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How to Get Water out of your Phone Screen

  1. Turn off your phone if it isn’t and hold it in an upright position.
  2. Remove all the protective casing from your phone.
  3. Now open up the back cover of your phone and remove your battery, SIM cards, and microSD card if possible.
  4. Now, dry your phone by soaking the liquid from your phone using a paper towel or cloth. Try not to spread the liquid around as it may enter into openings in the phone and damage it further. Just soak the liquid by using the cloth over it.
  5. Now get some uncooked rice in a zip-locked bag and bury your phone in it.
    Not many people know that rice has excellent absorbing property and is widely used for drying off tablets and smartphones by professionals. You can also get phone drying pouches available in the market and keep them in your house for an emergency. You have to put your phone in rice as quickly as possible.
    Note: Make sure your cover your Audio jack with doctor tape. Several times these rice enters in the audio jack of the Smartphone.
  6. Now leave your phone to dry in this condition for a couple of days. Do not take it out and try to switch it on before that. While the phone is drying, you can use a spare one for your daily needs if you have any.
  7. Remove your phone from the sack after a couple of days and place its battery inside it. Now try to switch on the phone.
  8. Now, Switch on your phone and It will start functioning normally. Still, keep a close eye on it for next few days. Check your speakers by playing music on it and make sure your touch screen is working smoothly just like before.

You have successfully averted a crisis and managed to salvage your phone screen from permanent water damage. In a majority of the cases, this method will work and fix Smartphone touchscreen. But if it is not fixed. Then, then you may have damaged the hardware of your Smartphone. So make sure you visit directly to the company service center. Make sure you visit only company service center. Don’t visit any local vendor to repair your touchscreen as it can be very risky.

Water Damaged Phone Repair Cost

Repairing water damaged phone is costly. The company is charging whopping 20% to 40% of Phone cost. A screen is one of the most critical parts of the Smartphone. It cost 20% to 40% of value on your Phone. So make sure you follow this method on how to fix a water damaged Touch Screen phone, and I am 100% sure that it will remove all water content from your SmartPhone.

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How to Fix a Water Damaged Touch Screen Phone – 100% Working

There are several other methods to fix a water damaged touch screen. But they are not easy to follow. People may destroy their Touchscreen by using other methods. This method is safe as it doesn’t have any adverse effect on Phone touch screen. Trust me this technique will also work and will share with others. I will suggest you try this method once and fix a water damaged touch screen. Do share your views in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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