I will share top 5 best methods on how to get water out of your Phone screen. You can remove water from your screen without using any rice method. All these methods are safe to follow and you can remove water from your Android display. You can remove water from any of your Android devices. This trick will even take out water from the speaker and other parts of Smartphone.How to Get Water out of your Phone Screen - TOP 5 WAYS [100% Working]

How to Get Water Out Of Your Phone Screen – TOP 5 WAYS

We accidentally drop our smartphone in water many times. And if quick actions are not taken. Then, there is an assured water damage to happen to the phone. You have to think quickly and start taking actions to get the water out of your phone screen.  We are providing you the best guide on how to get water out of your phone screen. You can do to get the water out of your phone screen. Do not try to dry your phone by blowing or using dryers, microwave etc. They will just increase the damage to your phone. So make sure you follow all these safe household methods to get water out of your phone screen.

1. Hold it upright

The first you should do in your mission to dry off your phone screen is to hold in an upright position. This will allow water seeped into cracks to come out due to the actions of the gravity. Keep your phone in this position for a few seconds and wait for the water to drop out of it. Do not waste too much time. As you have to quickly move over to more sophisticated methods to avoid any permanent damage.

2. Mop it with a Cloth

Take a clean and dry paper towel or piece of cloth. Now rub it gently over your phone screen and other parts to mop off the water at the surface of the phone. Do not rub too hard or spread the water. As it may propel to enter further into your phone via holes and cracks. Just rub the cloth gently over your phone surface. Move your hand a bit quickly here also as you have to move to the next step now.

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3. Use Vacuum

The vacuum will suck the water out of your phone screen very easily and quickly. But keep in mind to remove any small part such as SIM cards and microSD cards from your phone before starting the vacuum as it will suck them in too. Keep the pressure of the Vacuum at lowest to avoid any structural damage to your phone. Because of excessive sucking pressure applied to it. Use the vacuum for a couple of minutes to get the water out of any openings on your phone.

4. Rice Bag

This is the most recommended and used method to soak the water out from the phone screen all over the world. Rice possesses an excellent soaking property making them ideal to soak water out from a smartphone. Put some uncooked rice in a bag or pouch and then bury your phone in it. Leave your phone at this condition for at least a couple of days before taking it out and trying to switch it on by placing its battery. Rice bag is generally employed after going through the above-mentioned methods and all the replaceable parts of the phone are taken out before burying the phone in the sack. There are dedicated rice bags available in the market for soaking out water from the phone screen. 

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5. Sunlight Treatment

After taking your phone out of the rice bag, keep your phone under direct sunlight for few hours. Sunlight will not only evaporate the remaining water from your phone. But also warm your phone parts to make them work properly. Keep your phone in sunlight for a couple of hours after all the above treatments and your phone has a 75% chance of working again just like before.

Last Words on How to Get Water out of your Phone Screen – TOP 5 WAYS [100% Working]

You can use any of the methods above to get water out of your Phone screen. All these methods are working and you can take water out of your Screen. Well, you can also share your method on how to get water out of your phone screen in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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