Hello friends, Today I will tell you how to choose a smartphone. I have shared 10 features you should check while buying an Android Phone. We have shared a complete detail about each and every feature of Android Phone. Users can read this article to find the best feature for their Android Phone. We have shared a detailed description for each and every Smartphone. Our Team has done research on Phone, Processor, RAM and several other important features of Android Phone.How to Choose a Smartphone 2018 - Top 10 Features You Should Check

How to Choose a Smartphone – Top 10 Features You Should Check

When we go to the shop to buy a smartphone, then most of us get confused about the configuration of the smartphone. We don’t know that what kind of smartphone will be perfect for us. Though, to tell you that how to choose a smartphone I have listed the top 10 feature which you must check before you buy a smartphone. Only some of the people know that how to choose a smartphone. But, what about you? Do you know that how to choose a smartphone? Don’t worry, if not then this section of the article will be very helpful for you. Go through the below listed top 10 features and check that how to choose a smartphone.

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  1. Frequency

Frequency is the very important thing which we must check before we are going to buy a specific smartphone. Basically, a frequency is the thing which works as a door between the user and the functionality. The higher frequency will make your job easier. Suppose if you are having a frequency of 2.0 GHz so it will work faster than 1.4 GHz frequency. As well as the phone will heat less as compared to the 1.4 GHz smartphone. Frequency helps the processor to open and close the doors fastly. Here the doors are means the speed of the functionality. So, make sure you buy a smartphone that is having a higher frequency as much as it can. However, it doesn’t mean that you buy a smartphone having 4.0 GHz frequency. Take it as an equilibrium state.

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  1. Processor

The processor is the main part of the smartphone. Nowadays, Snapdragon processors are the best are compare to MediaTek. There are some more processors that are only used by their brands such as Samsung uses Exynos processor which is designed and developed by itself (Samsung). However, eliminated the MediaTek processor while purchasing a smartphone. Because MediaTek processor heats faster than Snapdragon. Snapdragon builds the processor which are balanced very perfectly that is why they do not heat fatly. So, if we talk about the Snapdragon processor then use this phenomenon that the higher number of the processor is the best. For example, Snapdragon 630 is best as compare to Snapdragon 425. Here the number means the increment in the processor’s functionality. Thus, the thing which you must take is that the number. The number should be higher.

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  1. Cores

Basically, cores are the rooms which are the processor. The higher amount of rooms will help the processor to store much functionality. Suppose if you have one room, but you need three room because that one room is very small for you. So, in that case, your book, bed, accessories, and other things will get mess up. This will irritate you and will waste your time in finding a particular time. The same happens with the processor also. When the core is limited for example single core or dual core, then the processor will get confuse that where is the item, and it will lag the phone. Hence, the maximum core will help the processor to store a large amount of item in its functionality.

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  1. RAM

RAM is the main part of every smartphone as like processor. Basically, RAM is the temporary memory where the apps and other details are saved such as the cookie, cache, app data, etc. The apps which run on the background of the smartphone they use RAM to run because it’s a tempory memory. Suppose you have opened an app and then you minimized that app. Now, the app is still running in the background and using RAM as a tempory memory because every app needs memory to run which we all know. Thus, when you optimize the phone, then that app will release the RAM’s memory, and that will lessen the weight of your processor. So, if you want to use many apps then use higher RAM otherwise use 1GB of RAM. Honestly, 1GB of RAM is sufficient for almost every smartphone.R

  1. ROM

ROM is the internal memory which you can use to store data in it. It is the permanent memory where the user stores the data. If you need to store data up to 32GB then take 64GB of ROM. Similarly, if you want to use only 12GB then use 16GB of ROM. Every manufacturer has their own set of RAM and ROM type. So, it is your choice that what amount of ROM you want. Hence, I don’t think that I have to tell you much about the ROM. This is enough to understand the ROM that is an inbuilt memory card of the smartphone.

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  1. Display

The displays are the thing which you have to check before you buy and smartphone. Display are of many types such as IPS display, curved display, and more. However, every display is better at their own place. We can not say that this display is poor and this is good. In some places IPS display is good and in some places curved display is good. Similarly, other display types are also good at their places. Well, nowadays curved display are very much popular. So, yes you can go with the curved display. But, remember that others are also good.

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  1. Camera

The camera is the main thing which almost every people want to be great. However, here a thing comes up that is higher megapixels is the higher camera quality. But, I do not agree with it. Basically, what happened here is that cameras have their own quality. It doesn’t matter on the megapixel. If I tell you honestly then 2 Megapixel cameras of Nokia phone and 13 Megapixel camera of Motorola both are having different. You think that Motorola is best because it has a 13mp camera. No, it’s not. Nokia’s camera is the best. If you compare both the camera in your hand, then you will be amazed that how it is possible. The thing is happening here is that Nokia uses bet camera quality, not the quantity where Motorola use the quantity, not the quality. Overall, you have to test the camera manually.

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  1. Battery

In every smartphone no doubt that Battery should be higher. Nowadays, every smartphone has almost 3000 mAh battery. There are two types of battery removable and non-removable. Simply, take the non-removable battery as the best battery. If we talk about the capacity of the battery, then it is no doubt that you must take battery up to 3500 mAh. Battery with capacity 3500 mAh is at the OK level. But, at the perfect level, 4000 mAh battery is enough for every smartphone. However, we all know that none of the battery can run a smartphone up to 1 day. A battery can only run your smartphone at most 1 day not more than that.

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  1. Android Version

Android version is the thing which matters to the user interface and some inbuilt feature as well. Nowadays, Android version Nougat and Oreo is very popular. Many manufacturing companies are offering these Android versions. However, some companies also offer Android version 6.0 that is Marshmallow in their smartphone. But, they provide their own UI system to balance the phone perfectly. If a phone doesn’t offer their own UI and giving ou Android version 6.0, then doot purchase it. But, yes you can buy it is it is offering Android version 7.0 or 8.0 (Nougat or Oreo) respectively.

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  1. Sensors

Sensors are those things which perfectly complete the phone. The big brand such as Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, HTC, Oneplus, etc. that do not offers all the necessary sensors in the budgeted devices. They offer all required sensors in the smartphone which is having price up to 15K. Some necessary sensors that a smartphone must have are Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Gyroscope, Barometer and Temperature sensor. In every smartphone Magnetometer, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor and Gyroscope sensors must be present. If these sensors are not available, then don’t buy that smartphone. If you have these sensors along with the Barometer and Temperature sensor, then take it as a tip.

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Last Words on How to Choose a Smartphone – Top 10 Features You Should Check

These are the features which you must check before you purchase a smartphone for you or someone else. However, these features vary according to the person who is going to use it. So, make sure you have the idea that what is the minimum requirement which you want in your phone while choosing it. Meanwhile, use this article to get the idea of the smartphone that is having the perfect configuration. I hope this article found to be helpful for you to know that how to choose a smartphone. Share it with your friends, relatives, teachers, and other people to let them know that how to choose a smartphone.

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