We will do a complete comparison on Both Android P vs Android Oreo. We have analyzed both these on the basis of User interference, Gesture, Notification, Recent apps and other features. Users can check all the exciting features of Android P and find the best between Android P and Android Oreo. We have also shared the best version of these two.Android P vs Android Oreo - Complete Comparison 2018

Android P vs Android Oreo – Complete Comparison 2018

After Android Oreo, Google has launched the developer preview of Android P. However, the name is not decided for Android P, but it has much more features as compared to Android Oreo. Also, the Android P has more exciting options which Android Oreo is missing. Today, we will talk about the comparison of Android P vs Android Oreo. In the debate on Android P vs Android Oreo, we will compare both Android P and Android Oreo by some significant points such as notifications, user interface, more. So, without taking more time on the introduction let us check the debate on Android P vs Android Oreo.

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Android P vs Android Oreo – User Interface

If we talk about the user interface in the battle of Android P vs Android Oreo. Then, no doubt that Android Oreo has a great user interface as compared to other Android versions. But, this time Android Oreo is also getting in the second position. Android P is now having much immersive and great looking user interface. Even you will be shocked when you will get this user interface on your Android phone. Android has made a change that is round corner design int eh notification areas which gives an attractive user interface to the user.

The status bar in Android P is also changed. The icons are very smooth in Android P as compare to Android Oreo. The quick settings and settings are re-designed in Android P which gives an entirely different look to Android P in comparing it to Oreo. However, the icons in the settings have been colored in Android P, but in Android, Oreo is black. The quick settings of Android P will have the round corners where Android Oero has the square corner.

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Android P vs Android Oreo – Notifications

In the comparison of Notifications on the battle of Android P vs Android Oreo, there are few things which we must know. In the notification area, you will be able to see images if someone has sent you but in Android Oreo, you can not. You can even reply from the notification area to any chat or message. But this option is not available in Android Oreo. Android P has set some instant replies as well so that a user can use it to reply instantly from the notification panel. The quick setting like Bluetooth, wifi, internet, flight mode, and more are separated where the notifications are separated individually. However, the time has been shifted from right-hand side to left-hand side.

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Android P vs Android Oreo – Gesture

In the debate on Android P vs Android Oreo, Android P is kept winning because of its amazing features. However, it has already gained so much user interaction towards itself. The new feature is navigation system which is the most significant change as compared to other Android versions. Till Android Oreo, every Android version had the same navigation system that was three options menu, back, and home. But, in Android P it has been changed by the Android developers.

If you see in Android Oreo, then you will find that three options are a menu, home, and back. Where in Android P it has been changed from three options to one only. Yea, its true. Moreover, Android P developers have said that in this a user can enable or disable the three options or three gestures if they want. By default, it will be turned off so that the user will see only one navigation. A user can swipe up to open the app drawer or use swipe down to close it. The developers have also said that they will keep updating it to give better navigation system to the Android users.

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Android P vs Android Oreo – Recent Apps

Till the beginning the Android, Android has used a vertical list of recent apps type to show recent apps. But, this thing is now changing with the Android P. Android P developers has now re-designed the list of current apps from vertical to horizontal. Android developers say that horizontal list will show the more details of the apps as well as it will be beneficial in multitasking to copy n paste content from one to another app. However, you can even use the lock app feature from the list of the recent app as well. If you will ask me that in the debate on Android P vs Android Oreo which one is best according to recent apps. Then, I will its Android P.

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Android P vs Android Oreo – Screenshot

In Android P when you will hold the power button then you will get some options like restart, switch off, etc. But, Android P will now have one more option that is called screenshot. Till now, there was no screenshot facility available in the Android version even not in Android Oreo as well. But, Android P has given it by mentioning it clearly on the power menu. Even you can use it to crop the screen to take a perfect screenshot. It is not like Android Oreo that you have to take a screenshot then edit it. So, yes in the war on Android P vs Android Oreo I think Android P is best in this matter.

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Android P vs Android Oreo – The Winner

The battle of Android P vs Android Oreo is over now. It is the time to check that who is the winner between Android P and Android Oreo. If I talk to you frankly ten the overall winner is Android P. The reason behind it is that Android P offers the best features as compare to the Android Oreo. You can even check the difference in the screenshot tool. Android Oreo has awful screenshot feature, take it by using power and volume button after that edit it. But, this has not happened in Android P. Android P developers has maintained the user usability while creating Android P. However. Some option of Android Oreo has been re-designed or re-created in Android P to give better usability to the user.

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Last Words on Android P vs Android Oreo – Complete Comparison 2018

We have seen the battle of Android P vs Android Oreo. This is a crucial debate to know that which is the best between Android P and Android Oreo. Android P will be launch for all Android users soon, but till now we have the knowledge that what features we are getting in Android P by comparing it with Android Oreo. The debate on Android P vs Android Oreo was fascinating, and you guys have enjoyed a lot. Though, make sure that you share this article which is a debate on Android P vs Android Oreo with your friends and relatives so that they can also go through it.

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