Hello friends, Today I will tell you top 5 Most Secure Phone for business. You can use these Smartphones to secure all your business data. These are best business cell phone plans which will help to keep all your conversation safe. These phones are hard to hack. You can use these Smartphones without any problem. These are one of the best smartphones in the world.Top 5 Most Secure Phone for Business 2018 - Must Check

Top 5 Most Secure Phone for Business 2018 – Must Check

Phones are an essential part of our lives these days. The reason for this is that we can do almost everything on our phones in the world of smartphones. All the features provided by phones these days are highly useful for us. But with new features and functionality comes the risk of data leaks and other potential threats. Therefore making sure that your phone is secured is very important especially if you are a businessman.

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What is Secure Phone for Business?

So in case if you’re wondering what secure phone for business is then, we are here to help. These are the phones that have some features which provide their users with much-enhanced security. Such phones are quite useful for those who are running a business. Therefore, we are calling such phones most secure phone for business. And so today we are here with the list of Top 10 Most Secure Phone for Business.

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These phones are aimed towards business-oriented features and are built around that. Therefore they also come with security features that are highly important when looking for the most secure phone for business. So if you are looking for your next business, this list can be highly useful for you. Anyways without any further delay, here is the list of Top 10 Secure Business phones!

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1. Solarin

Starting off our list, we have the Solarin smartphone. This smartphone is arguably the world’s most expensive smartphone in existence. While we can’t be sure about that, we are quite sure that this one of the most secure phones out there. Solarin provides its users with some technologies that are currently available to only the secret services. Apart from that it also has 256 bit AES encryption for your calls which is used by the military. Overall this is the most secure device that you can get right now. But it does not end there as the Solarin is also a powerful phone apart from being highly secure.

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The device comes with the Snapdragon 810, 4 Gigs of RAM, a 24 MP shooter and a 1440p screen which are quite great specs even according to today’s standards. This device is also quite premium regarding its build quality because of its design and the leather back. Even though it is an excellent phone regarding security and build quality, it indeed comes with a premium price tag which makes it most secure phone for business.

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2. BlackBerry DTEK50

Next up we have an offering from Blackberry under the name DTEK50 which is based on Android. BlackBerry states that this is the most secure phone for business which is based on Android smartphone available right now. And their statements are quite correct. With the DTEK50 you will be able to enjoy encryption in almost everything on the phone. Not only that but the custom Android OS of the phone also tracks all apps in your phone for further security.

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Since BlackBerry makes this device, it is comparatively easier to afford. Moving on to the specs of this smartphone, the BlackBerry comes with just average specs. In comparison to the Solarin this might be a let down for some, but for the price, the BlackBerry is the king of the most secure phone for business considering the security it provides. At a price tag of around 300$, the BlackBerry DTEK50 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a secure phone in the budget category in exchange for some compromises.

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KATIM is one of the latest phones that are oriented towards security and privacy. It is launched by a brand called DarkMatter which is an IT security specialist company. Just like the Blackberry, the KATIM is also based on Android but for enhanced security, it checks the OS on every boot, and if anything is corrupted then the device will not boot at all. The OS of this phone makes it a great contender for the most secure phone for business. Apart from this the KATIM phone also offers a SHIELD mode that cuts off call recordings or tracing and enables encryption.

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Just like the Solarin, KATIM also provides its users with 256 bit AES encryption in calls. That being said it excels regarding durability since the KATIM is equipped with gorilla glass 5 and 7000-grade aerospace grade aluminium alloy for its body shell. It is one of the better built most secure phone for business. Moving on to its specifications, this phone is one of the most specced out phones on this list. It features the Snapdragon 821 processor along with 4 gigs of RAM. Apart from this, you have a 5.2 inch Full HD display along with a 12MP shooter at the back. In a nutshell, you can say that this phone is the flagship device of the most secure phone for business.

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4. Boeing Black

Boeing is one of the most popular brands that produce jet engines. Surprisingly enough Boeing has made a smartphone in partnership with BlackBerry that has their secure phones. This offering from Boeing is called the Boeing Black, and it mainly focuses on your phone’s security and privacy which might be the most secure phone for business.

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Just like all of the other phones on this list, the Boeing Black also allows you to encrypt your phone calls. Apart from that it also has a self-destruct feature which is unique in its way. Moving on to the specs, the Boeing Black, just like the BlackBerry, has very average specs regarding the performance. But it is undoubtedly one of the budgets most secure phone for business.

5. Blackphone 2

Coming to the last phone of this list, we have the Blackphone 2. This security-oriented phone has a custom version of Android called Silent OS. It provides its users with better security enhancements that you will not find in stock Android. Blackphone 2 also provides much quicker updates when it comes to their OS that it makes it an excellent choice for the most secure phone for business.

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And as for its hardware specs, this phone provides quite decent specs for its price considering that it’s a security-oriented smartphone. This phone is one of the best picks if you are looking for something in the budget market that also provides decent security features.

Last Words on Top 5 Most Secure Phone for Business 2018 – Must Check

We have shown you everything regarding Top 10 Most Secure Phone for Business. We hope that you were able to choose the most secure phone for business by following this list. Also, let us know your favourite phone from this list of the most secure phone for business down in the comments section. If our list has helped you in selecting the best business phone then consider sharing it with your friends. You can even share this post on social media using the share options provided down below. Doing so will help all those who are looking for Top 10 Most Secure Phone for Business.


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