These are the best Workout apps for Android. You can use these apps to maintain your weight and body size. You can use these GYM Workout Apps for free. All these apps can record your daily exercise. These apps will even notify you every morning to do tasks. So, you never miss a workout. Some apps also have a video tutorial to tell you best way to exercise. Try these best Workout apps for Android.

Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – 2018 Download Now for Free

There is nothing better you can do for your own body than getting in shape and most of all staying in that shape by working out. It helps in lowering numerous things that are bad for your bodies like cholesterol and blood pressure. And boosts all the good things such as strength and stamina. Now using your smartphone definitely won’t do these for you. But there are hundreds of best workout apps for Android that can help you stay fit.

Best Workout Apps for Women/Men

We have done a lot of research and found these best Workout apps for Android for both Men and Women’s. Yes! You heard it right. These apps will help both Men and Women in daily exercises. Some apps even have different activities for both Men and Women in one single application. You download the best Workout apps for Android from the official Google Play Store.

Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – 2018 Download Now

A slim and robust body seems to be a tenuous goal for all of us. Following a workout routine is one of the hardest things to do nowadays. The inner motivation to hit the gym disappears bit by bit since the very day you start. So, those of you who have the willpower but need something to keep track of your goals and guide. Or maybe who can’t afford a fitness trainer and are confused how to start, getting the best workout apps for  Android device. We have share 10 best workout apps for Android. All these apps are available for free download through Google Play Store.

10 Best Workout Trainer App for Free

Are you fitness concerned? Well, Then all these top 10 best Workout apps for Android can help your body. These apps have a timely reminder of exercise. They will make sure you never miss an essential activity. You can check the list of 10 best Workout apps for Android below with a complete description of every app.

Best Workout Trainer App

  1. Freeletics Bodyweight
  2. Nike Training Club – Workouts and Fitness Plans
  3. Sworkit
  4. 30 Day Fitness Challenge
  5. Fitness & Bodybuilding
  6. Convict Conditioning
  7. 100% Army Fit
  8. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer
  9. 7 Minute Workout
  10. JEFIT Workout Tracker

You can read these apps in complete details below. We have shared both pro and corn for every app with a full description of every app. You can decide your best Workout apps for Android by reading all the description.

  1. Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweight - Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – 2018 Download NowFreeletics Bodyweight is an app developed by Freeletics team for those who wish to get in shape using their bodyweight only. Most people prefer going to the gym, but there some people who prefer to workout with their bodyweight. It helps in getting lean and fit without bulking up your body. With more than 900 exercises which involve just your bodyweight, Freeletics Bodyweight is one of the best workout apps.

You can do these exercises by yourself hire a coach who will help you follow this routine. You can also get expert advice and help by subscribing to pro version of the app. The only downside of this app is its setup process which is a bit extensive and lengthy. You can also try Freeletics Running, Freeletics Gym, and Freeletics Nutrition. It is also considered to be one of the best Workout apps for Android.

Download Freeletics Bodyweight

  1. Nike Training Club – Workouts and Fitness Plans

Freeletics Bodyweight - Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – 2018 Download NowNike Training Club is a workout app made by the famous sports merchandise brand Nike. The interface of the app is fluid and responsive with a very modern layout. This apps something different from other best Workout apps for Android. The workouts are categorized into four main categories namely Mobility, Endurance, Strength, and Yoga. There are more than 150 inbuilt exercises with video tutorials of best possible quality.

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An excellent feature of this app is that you can tune the workout routine based on time. There are hundreds of body-weight and full body exercises so that even people with no access to equipment can achieve their goal. However, the workout routine of this app hops from one regime to another too quickly. That’s why this app is recommended for beginner and intermediate levels only.

Download Nike Training Club

  1. Sworkit

Sworkit - Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – 2018 Download NowTop 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowWith more than 25 million active users, Sworkit claims to be the “smartest workout app on the planet.” It includes some of the most comfortable exercise programs to follow that are aimed at making you active, lean, and fit. Its workout programs are one of the best available on Google Play Store. Every exercise in Sworkit is aimed using only your bodyweight. So you never miss a workout. As we mentioned earlier, each exercise programs in Sworkit feels like professional coaches all over the world have designed them.

You can also create your customized workout routine. Overall, Sworkit is a very well designed and efficient android app with a smooth user interface transitions. You can also try the paid version by subscribing to an annual subscription plan. It includes the ad-free programs and expert guidance. So, if you are willing to spend a couple of bucks, this app is the best apps in our opinion.

Download Sworkit

  1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

30 Day Fitness Challenge -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowThe 30 Day Fitness Challenge is an app for android that has been developed for people who have a limited amount of time and hence cannot go to the gym daily. The app claims that its workout routine will help you build strong muscles, burn excess fat, and stay in shape in precisely 30 days. You can choose between a wide range of exercises programs focusing either on your full body or just a part of it. You can also adjust the toughness level and intensity of workout depending on time available and preference.

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This app is recommended for those people who prefer following a procedure. The app also includes animated videos to help you with various exercises throughout the period. As all activities are home-based, you don’t need any equipment for doing them. You can use the app for free with ads or upgrade to Pro version for ad-free workouts.

Download 30 Day Fitness Challenge

  1. Fitness & Bodybuilding

Fitness & Bodybuilding -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowFitness & Bodybuilding app by VGFIT LLC is a complete package and well suited for those people who are ready to begin their intermediate and expert stage. You can select the workouts routine based on the result you want to achieve (fitness, strength, etc.) or the muscle group you want to focus. Every workout program is supported with detailed video tutorials. Though, you will need high-quality equipment to do most of the workouts in their schedule.

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Hence, this app is for those who have access to gym equipment but don’t want to hire a personal trainer. Fitness & Bodybuilding will work as that personal trainer. The app is free to download use, but paywalls bar many exercises. It is the most significant drawback of this app. Apart from this, Fitness & Bodybuilding is a bliss.

Download Fitness & Bodybuilding

  1. Convict Conditioning

Convict Conditioning -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowWe recommend using Convict Conditioning workout app, not just for its built-in coaching, excellent user interface, and exceptional tracking abilities but also because it makes sure you get the basics correct. No matter how hard you work, you can never achieve your desired results if your procedure is not perfect. In fact, you might end up probably hurting yourself, if you don’t do the exercise with proper postures.

This app teaches you the proper way to do a specific exercise. Using it is simple with sets of basic workout routines including push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. A text and image explanation guide with every activity along with a tutorial video played on the YouTube. Hence, if you want to make sure your basics are right, give Convict Conditioning a try. And no matter at what level you are, you will learn something.

Download Convict Conditioning

  1. 100% Army Fit

Army Fit -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowWe all have at least once felt a little jealous of army men when we see their utmost devotion to health & fitness and the result of it in their body. If only we had a trainer too who would reveal the secrets of army workout routine. Well, there is one 100% Army Fit is an app that does the same. Developed by an army of the United Kingdom itself, 100% Army Fit is an app that features workout tutorials where trainers are real army personnel.

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Every single exercise in their program includes the only bodyweight so that you can do them wherever you are. You also get medals and climb the ladder of difficulty level as you complete all challenges. The app includes six difficulty levels to unlock along with two additional elite levels. The exercises are supported by tutorial videos and few encouraging, motivational videos. So, if you want to achieve fitness level as expected of a real soldier, then you should give this army workout regime a shot.

Download 100% Army Fit

  1. 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

8fit - Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download Now8fit is an app designed and customized to create a whole workout regime dedicated to your specified goal. You can choose your target which can either be muscle building or lose fat. 8fit will create a diet plan and an exercise program to help you achieve these goals as quickly as possible. All the workout programs designed by 8fit take less than 20 minutes and can be performed at your house. You don’t need to hit the gym as this app will help you get back in shape within your home. You can also get a personalized trainer and an extensive diet plan if you upgrade to annual pro subscription.

Download fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

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  1. 7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowIf you don’t have enough time for an enthusiastic workout but still want to do something about excess tummy fat or extremely slender body. You need something which will assist you without using up much of your costly time. 7 Minute Workout is a workout app for Android designed especially for those people who want to get in shape but don’t have enough time for regular workout sessions. Just download this 7 minutes workout program that transforms you into a fit and active version.

Download 7 Minute Workout

  1. JEFIT Workout Tracker

JEFIT Workout Tracker -Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – Download NowThe last app on our list is JEFIT. It’s probably the one with some of the exclusive features of all other apps on our list. Their database includes more than 1200 exercises. You can either customize your routine or use one of the inbuilt methods to start. JEFIT also tracks your daily progress and compiles all your stats on the home page.

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The app also features a standard mode where you can challenge your friends over in workouts. Animated tutorial videos support all exercises. The video tutorial makes this app different and one of the best Workout apps for Android.

Download JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Planner

Last Words on Top 10 Best Workout Apps For Android – 2018 Download Now for Free

There are several other best workout apps for Android in the Google Play Store. We have shared these apps with their trust and popularity. Well, these apps are best for fitness freaks. These apps have timely scheduled reminder for your Body fitness. You can also share your best workout apps for Android in the comments section below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and help them to get best body posture. 


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