Hello friends, Today we will share 10 best features of Android Q. I will share features which makes Android Q different from other Android OS. We will also analyze what new feature Android has offered in this version.Top 10 Features of Android Q 1

Google announced the information regarding Android Q at Google I/O 2019. At 13th of March, the beta version of Android Q was launched. However, the final release is still in waiting. But, Google has said that the final release will be done on some date on the month of August. I know that many of you guys are very excited regarding the features of Android Q. I have also posted an article about the advantages and disadvantages of Android Go and Android One, which you must read it out. So, that is why I have decided to share a list of the top 10 features of Android Q.

Top 10 Features of Android Q

In this part of the article, we will get to know about the top 10 features of Android Q which you should know. I have not listed every small or unnecessary feature of Android Q. I have only listed those features which is very important for you to know before you start going to use the Android Q based mobile phone. So, what are you waiting for? Go and check out the top 10 features of Android Q now.

  1. Dark Mode

The dark mode is one of the amazing things which is available in the Android Q. This is one of the best and awesome feature of Android Q. Once can activate the dark mode in Android Q from the settings or from the turning on the battery saver mode. This dark mode will not only work in an individual app but can change the entire interface from daylight to the dark mode. Such that, the entire mobile phone will be dive into the dark mode (includes every apps and service).

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  1. Smart Reply

Smart Reply is another amazing feature of Android Q. Once someone will text you then the smart reply option will predict the short words for you and will show you suggestions of it under the message which you have got. So, you can click on the suggestion to send the message instead of writing it manually. If you are employee, teacher, student, or anyone then it will definitely save your time by its awesome way to suggesting words according to the message.

  1. Improved Shared Menu

The shared menu is completed improved or redesigned in the Android Q. Google has made the sharing menu for its users to share something within a single click. Previously, we have to select the app and contact to send something to him or her. But, in Android Q, the list of the recent persons from the previous sent actions will be shown to you. Then, you can click on it and the rest of the job will be done automatically.

  1. Quick Access to Settings

In every Android version, it is seen that the quick settings were available from the notification area. We use to pull down the notification panel and select the wished quick setting icon to turn something on or off. But, Google has made this thing much easier for users. Suppose that you have opened the Gmail app and your internet connection is off. Then, the popup will be opened and you will be adviced to turn on the internet connection at that page. So, you don’t have to pull down the notification area to turn on the internet manually.

  1. New File Manager App

Google has redesigned the file manager app in the Android Q. Th interface is completely changed of the file manager app in Android Q. You will get suggestions of Images, Audios, Documents, and more. You can click on them to open a particular file formatted items list. Users can also search for the homepage of the file manager app using the search bar. You can find out the recent items which are present on your phone on the homepage under the recent section. Definitely, it is the best and amazing feature of Android Q.

  1. Overhauled Apps Permission

To understand the overhauled apps permission of Android Q, let us try to understand what was happening before it. Till Android Pie, once an app asks to the specific permission then you click on Allow button. But, once you click on the Allow button then that app do not ask again for the allowance of the permission. This is what Google has fixed or improved in a better way as the most important feature of Android Q. In Android Q, the users will get a new option saying “Allow only while the app is in use” option. Such that, the app will get permission only at the usage time.

  1. Theming Options

Theming option is yet another amazing and coolest feature of Android Q. Till now, you have to use third-party launcher or third party themes to provide your phone a rich look. But, Google has solved this problem for you guys. You guys will now get theming option under the settings where a lot of newly designed themes will be available to be used. So, now no app is required to have a theme on your Android phone.

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  1. Built-in Screen Recorder

The most amazing and most demanded feature of Android is implemented in Android Q and that is the inbuilt screen recorder. In Android Q, users will get a fully functional inbuilt screen recorder to record screen. Till now, you guys have to download a use third-party app to recorder screen of your Android phone. But, now you don’t have to do so because you will have an inbuilt screen recorder app on your Android Q phone.

  1. Support Foldable Phones

There are many phones are going to come in 2019 which will be a foldable phone. So, Google has enhanced and makes the Android Q support the foldable phones such that they can also have it on the hand. Google says that “To help your apps to take advantage of these and other large-screen devices, we’ve made a number of improvements in Android Q, including changes to onResume and onPause to support multi-resume and notify your app when it has focus. We’ve also changed how the resizable activity manifest attribute works, to help you manage how your app is displayed on foldable and large screens.”

  1. Focus Mode

You might be familiar with the guest mode on your Android phone. The focus mode is something that sounds like the guest mode on an Android phone. Google has made a special mode for those who only want to get notifications from certain apps and want to get parental control on their apps. In simple words, the person who wants to focus on the job without getting disturbed but want to get important notifications and phone calls. For those peoples, this focus mode is introduced.


These were the top 10 features of Android Q. Obviously, there are more features which you will get in the brand new version of the Android operating system. But, the list of these 10 features of Android Q is the top 10 only. There are some features that have been recreated/redesigned/modified and that is why they are at the top position. Though, I have included those features as well. I hope using this article you have got the idea of the top 10 features of Android Q. You can also have some knowledge on What is Android System WebView as well using this article. You can share this with other peoples so that they can also learn about the top 10 features of Android Q.


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